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Make sure you aren't just shouting into the abyss

Platforms like LinkedIn are still enjoying huge growth in their global user base from people wanting to stay up to date with the latest news in their industry and from their networks. This of course provides an opportunity for businesses to talk to potential customers. However, also presents a serious challenge - how do you cut through the noise? We can show you how.

Social media has a strong part to play as a channel for your inbound marketing strategy, boosting your ROI on content creation and taking it to an environment where your target customers choose to go. It's a great place to demonstrate your thought leadership and works very successfully at generating inbound leads both organically and through paid strategies.


Solid foundations

The effectiveness of your social media is based on its ability to add value to your existing and target customers. Gone are the days of posting a set amount of times per week and having a set amount of interactions from non-target audience (vanity metrics). Today it is about knowing your customer, positioning yourself correctly in the market, starting conversations with the right propositions, providing valuable content and creating delightful customer journeys at every stage. To do this you need to start with the right foundations.



Social media management

As with all marketing the aim shouldn't be to try and talk to everyone on social media, just those that count. Getting the right message to the right people at the right time. We work with you, usually alongside an inbound retainer that creates the content, to plan and schedule your social each week. We audit what you have done to date and then go about, improving, optimising and increasing your follower growth. Strategising new or tweaked messaging for social, new ways to connect better to your audience and new ways to add value through content sharing.

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