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Cutting through the noise to communicate value to your audience accurately & precisely

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30 seconds to impress

So you have the persona work completed, you know the needs, goals and pain points of your personas. You have worked out your brand and product positioning and your value creating and pain relieving features. It is now time to connect the two together through your propositions. Let's say you have managed to get your message into the right hands and they have opened it, in that 30 second review window, your messaging needs to sing to them. Your proposition needs to go deep into the problems you want to solve for them, and what makes you the right guys for the job. It needs to do the work for your potential buyer. They don't have the time to do it for themselves. Getting that proposition right and ensuring you get filed in 'to action' rather than bin takes some work.


Solid foundations

Creating propositions is the really important third step in the client-agency relationship journey for us and is one of the three core pillars of the carefully crafted strategy that we work with you on at the very beginning. These three pillars create a solid foundation for your marketing, sales & service activity. Just like you wouldn't build a house on rocky ground, neither should you begin marketing, sales & service delivery with no strategic basis.

Inbound Strategy

Are we doing the right thing?

If you've ever sat around the meeting table and thought what should we be saying in our sales outreach or messaging, then the likely piece of the puzzle you are missing is a well resolved set of propositions. Our propositions creating sessions start with a workshop, virtually or in-person and by the end of it outline proposition statements are created for further discussion and testing. Creating propositions is something that we can carry out for you as an individual project or alternatively for those looking to outsource all or some of their inbound marketing, it can be included in our Inbound Marketing Retainers. 

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