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Account based marketing is a growth strategy but more specifically a highly customer centric programme that places strategic accounts, partners or prospects in the centre of the marketing and sales process. The strategy is underpinned by a deep level of research and insight, resulting in key issues the client business faces being met with highly personalised messaging and value propositions. Essentially, ‘doing the work’ for decision makers or executives. They don’t have time to work out how your solution may fit their business, you do the work and take it to them, in a language they talk.


Solid foundations/ The Different Types of ABM

The foundation work we do in developing personas, defining positioning and creating propositions can be used to deliver a one-to-many ABM campaign. If we are looking at one-to-one or a one-to-few campaign we dig deeper and research into the key stakeholders themselves, rather than using personas which are customer characterisations. 

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Who should do ABM?

ABM typically suits B2B and those with products or services with a longer sales cycle. Also those that have a limited number of potential buyers in a market. It all starts with identifying who, maybe it is existing customers where you have a small share of wallet or maybe it is some big client names that are known in your industry to buy your products. Based on the who (and their unique set of needs), we can start strategising the best way to reach them, interact with them and start the process of positioning you as the best supplier to do business with.

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