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How can a multi-language website help?

Does your organisation have customers all over the world? Have you recently expanded internationally? Do you do business with clients who speak a variety of different languages? If so, you may be wondering how to best communicate inclusively without creating multiple websites or doing a complex rebuild of your existing site. This is where a HubSpot multi-language website can help you. Include all of your customers worldwide in your message by giving them the option to switch your site to the language they’re most comfortable with, whilst making updates and international SEO easy to maintain.

Why do you need a multi-language website?

There are lots of technical and SEO reasons to go multi-language, but the main reason is that it is what your prospects expect.

English is dominant, not universal

Worldwide, only 25.3% of Internet users speak native English

Multilingual is best practice

The top 25 sites worldwide support an average of 54 languages

Reduce your bounce rate

56% of users spend more time on sites in their language than they do in English

Going global gets results

Global organisations require a unified global strategy to support their growth, which all starts with an effective website. To be able to serve your international prospects and customers the content that’s most relevant to them, you’ll need to have a multi-language website. This will enable you to market different products or services by market and change your content to suit the cultural and indeed SEO requirements of each market. Speak to us about how we can help you deliver results globally with a site build on the HubSpot CMS.


The EnquiryLab process

At EnquiryLab, we have a wealth of experience in creating and managing multi-language websites, including supporting you with translation and updates. We have perfected our process to ensure the build is as quick and as pain-free as possible for our client. As a 5* HubSpot partner, we have been recognised for our expertise.


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