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7 Figure Accounts Won

During our first 6 months, our activity supported 1 major win

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During the project all objectives were acheived


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Strategic ABM

IRI is a multi-national, multi-billion dollar data and analytics powerhouse focusing on the FMCG, shopper and retail data sector.

The team at IRI UK engaged us to support the adoption of HubSpot Marketing Hub for use as part of their strategic ABM initiative. We supported them with a pilot campaign culminating in the win of a significant new account.

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An Integrated Approach

We had worked with one of IRI's group companies for a number of years and had implemented HubSpot and ABM successfully within that organisation. Following a corporate restructuring, all marketing was moved under IRI's head office team.

We were able to quickly prove value in helping that team get up to speed with HubSpot and to successfully launch the ABM initiative they had planned. We advised them on systems integration between HubSpot, Salesforce and Demandbase and supported them strategically in leveraging these systems to acquire a significant target account. Typically these accounts can take 12 months plus to win, but in this case, they became a customer within 6 months.

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