The story so far

Key stats, facts and figures

425 %

Year 1 Traffic Uplift

We increased site traffic using a blend of paid and content by over 400%

50 %

Year 2 Traffic Uplift

Traffic increased by a further 50% using just content marketing and SEO

54.5 %

Marketing Conversions

More than half of all of the leads generated in the last 12 months can be attributed to our activity


Average NPS Score

The average net promoter score given to EnquiryLab from Geomant

Destination Inbound

Geomant is a global customer experience software business and came to us with a brief to drive enquiries and sales using paid media and already had a proposal from another agency on the table. We were able to show them a different, more sustainable way of tackling the problem.

Over the last two years, we have been on a journey from an initial UK pilot, to a full HubSpot implementation across all of their global markets.

I think a lot of agencies might be ‘inbound certified’, but Enquirylab are unique in that they have a deep understanding of the methodology – they really are experts in the field.”

- Charlotte Houston, Geomant
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Strong Foundations

Whilst we started working with Geomant using their existing website it became clear that to really move the game on we needed to develop a new site. is a totally bespoke HubSpot site built by our in-house development team using the HubSpot CMS. It offers a unique experience to each one of their key persona groups and has content and resources integrated throughout the user journey.

We based the build on the output from a design thinking and customer insight workshop conducted by the EnquiryLab team at their HQ in Budapest. We created a full clickable prototype for the client before build and incorporated a number of elements rarely if ever seen on a HubSpot build.

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A World-Leading Tech Stack

Following on from an initial pilot period with a lower cost supplier of inbound software Geomant elected to transition their entire global marketing sales and service operation to the HubSpot growth suite.

EnquiryLab guided the UK and global teams through the onboarding process, creating bespoke templates for all of the creative assets they would deploy from the platform. We work closely with their sales and service teams in ensuring that they have the right processes and configuration of the platform to meet their needs.



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Starting Off Outbound

Part of the initial brief was to drive sales using paid media. Whilst we love inbound, outbound is often the best place to start when immediate lead generation is required.

EnquiryLab is all about using data and insight to drive results, so rather than jumping right in and letting the channels we were using dictate what we would do, we started with data. Analysing the commercial performance of their products and channels allowed us to take a very targeted and tailored approach to driving enquiries. We built out a creative idea called 'Battlecards' that allowed them to engage with prospective resellers and resulted in a number of new signings right from the get-go.

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Winning With Inbound

Outbound had a role to play in the early growth we achieved, but long-term sustainable growth comes from great SEO, which means we have to be inbound in our approach.

The inbound philosophy is all about recognising that behaviours have changed and that prospects make themselves knowledgable experts before reaching out to sales teams. Rather than trying to interrupt them with ads, we use content to answer the questions they are already asking Google.

We helped Geomant put together a winning content strategy and then helped them deliver it in collaboration with their global marketing team.

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