The Story so Far

Key stats, facts and figures

318 %

Uplift in Site Traffic

Increase in visitors to the site since launch

45 Mins


Average time saved per transaction for spare parts

90 %

NPS Score

Average NPS score given to EnquiryLab by DMMP

Brand Reinvention

DMMP is the leading provider of spreaders and sprayers in the UK and has been trading for over 25 years. Our task was to bring a traditional brand, working in a traditional industry right up to date and deliver increased competitive advantage in the process.

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What We Delivered

This was a complex project strategically, as we had to deliver not just a new marketing approach, but a whole new set of business processes.

As every project does for us, we started with the customers and prospects they wanted to influence. From this work, we built an entirely new brand positioning that focused on better supporting their national dealer network and better educating the end-users of their products. A creative style, branding and content strategy was born out of this. 

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Paid Media


Technology we Used

To deliver the required functionality and business processes we worked with three primary platforms - HubSpot, Wordpress and Shopify.

We had a tight budget for the project and a long list of requirements we needed to hit, including making the project scalable and able to adapt to business model changes.

By blending these three platforms and writing our own in-house integrations to ensure we had a unified view of customer data we achieved the ideal solution for the client.

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